Oh Canada: Four Canadian Beauty Brands You Should Try

31 Dec

In honor of Canada’s birthday, here are a couple of outstanding beauty brands from our home and native land that you should check out.


Since 1996, CARGO has come up with makeup innovations like the the Essential Eye Palette, Reverse Lip Liner, and the latest Double Agent Concealer Balm.

Originally based in Toronto, CARGO products are a staple in some of Hollywood’s hot goody bags from the Oscars to the Emmy awards to the Golden Globes.

Cover FX

This Canadian line was originally created to provide therapeutic benefits and environmental protection while being free of all irritants.

Today, Cover FX regularly features new formulations with a global shade palette containing good-for-you ingredients.

If you’re looking for high-quality foundation in any format, I suggest checking out their line especially their latest: Cover FX Custom Cover Drops.

Lise Watier

Forty years ago, Lise Watier founded her own cosmetics firm. The company has stayed on top of the latest in scientific research and collaborates with the worldโ€™s leading cosmetics laboratories.

To get a feel for the best of this line, try the outstanding Fรฉline Mascara HD.

Elizabeth Grant

With a full line of skin-care and makeup products, Elizabeth Grant has come a long way since discovering a natural substance called Torricelum to treat her war wounds during the Second World War.

The company has built a loyal fan base at The Shopping Channel with regular showstoppers that feature the latest in anti-aging technology.

Want to be on the list?

I love blogging about Canadian entrepreneurs so if you run a new or established cosmetic brand, contact me here.

[Images via CARGO, Cover FX, Lise Watier, Elizabeth Grant]


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