We are Family Bachelorette Style

29 Jun


Hometown Romance and Fashion

On the road again, Jillian kicks off her Meet the Parents Tour 2009. Under varying forms of enhanced interrogation techniques, Jillian will try to get to know the families of the remaining bachelors on hometown dates.

In Philadelphia, Jillian meets Reid’s family of realtors with whom he is very close, including his mother whose biological clock for grandchildren is ticking. Off to Valencia, California where Michael and his identical brother, Steve, try to punk Jillian with a parent trap scenario but Jillian is too savvy to be fooled. Jillian receives the sommelier seal of approval from Kiptyn’s parents in San Diego when she pairs the correct wine with lasagna, then meets Jesse’s compact family at their winery in Carmel.

In Austin, Wes surprises Jillian with a private concert when she arrives. Back at the hotel, there’s a knock on Jillian’s door. It’s Jake, ready to spill the beans on Wes who he says has a girlfriend named Laurel (an Austin boutique owner who Wes started dating before the Bachelorette). A Texas style showdown between the two follows with Wes trying to defend his honor. It makes no difference as Jillian meets Wes’ clan, who are in on the act and corroborate his story (looks like he’ll be around for another week).

Leave it to Jillian to look great throughout the entire hometown tour, especially in San Diego where she wears a Wilfred blue denim dress with a floral cardigan. Her green sundress is also the perfect fit, as she wonders whether to keep Wes around.

Back in LA for the rose ceremony, Jillian sparkles in yellow silk chiffon as the light shines once again on Ed, back for a second chance at love. No one seems surprised when Ed receives a rose, including Jesse and Michael who are eliminated. Next week, the Bachelorette and company jet off to Spain.

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