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Live Rich Beauty Tips: #7 DIY Teeth Whitener

30 Jul


Brighten Your Smile with Strawberries

Tooth whitening strips are effective at brightening your teeth, but they cost a lot of money. Strawberries contain malic, which removes surface discoloration, and cost a lot less.

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The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose Recap

28 Jul


Chicago Here We Come

It turns out that fairy tales do come true. Especially if you’re Jillian Harris, Canada’s favorite bride-to-be, who received a proposal from Ed Swiderski in last night’s season finale of the Bachelorette. Two months have passed since the dramatic episode was taped, and we’re about to find out whether Jillian and Ed are living happily ever after. Continue reading

Oversized Earrings: Go Big or Go Home

28 Jul

Supersize your hoops

What goes around, comes around. This time it’s big and bold earrings right out of an 80s electronic dance video. Large showy earrings in hoop, chandelier, and chain style have been spotted on red carpets and city streets everywhere.

Kate Hudson added ornate jeweled feather earrings from Kenneth Lane to a bohemian halter dress for an exotic edge. While Jillian Harris of Bachelorette fame showed off gold filigree earrings from the Stella and Dot collection in several episodes of her reality TV series.  Continue reading

The Bachelorette: Last Man Standing

27 Jul


And Jillian Gives the Final Rose to . . .

It’s decision time for Canada’s favorite bachelorette, Jillian Harris, as she gets ready to hand a single rose to one of the final bachelors: Kiptyn or Ed. A surge of Internet rumors has preceded this year’s finale including Reid returning to propose and Jillian picking neither of the bachelors. Bringing an end to all of  the speculation, the final rose ceremony will play itself out on the South Kohala coast of the big island of Hawaii.  Continue reading

Style ‘n Dash – 26/07

25 Jul

style dashboard

Weekend Style Roundup

End of summer looks for less (

Freckle Debate: cover or let them shine (Beauty Addict)

– Nordstrom to carry Twilight-inspired line of clothing (New York Daily News)

Fight oily summer skin (The Blush Stops Here)

The Bachelorette: Will Jillian Pick Kiptyn or Ed

24 Jul


Heart breaker vs. Deal maker

Now that Jillian Harris has narrowed down the bachelor pool to the final two (and the eliminated bachelors have had their say) , the scene is set on the big island of Hawaii for the final rose ceremony. The last two bachelors are extremely different, each with his own strengths and weaknesses.

Who do you think stands a better chance of being the last bachelor standing? Continue reading

Live Rich Beauty Tips: #6 Nude Lip Color For Less

23 Jul


Create a custom nude lip color

If you love the look of nude lips but have problems finding the perfect color, you can try creating it yourself. Even better, you can pull off Kim Kardashian’s signature look for next to nothing.

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The Bachelorette: Mad Men Tell All

20 Jul


Love Don’t Come Easy

Re-united since they left the show, 13 of the original bachelors return for a frat house showdown with Jillian Harris (and each other). However, two key bachelors are missing in action.

ABC doesn’t explain in detail why Wes didn’t make it to the studio, but we know Wes has been making the rounds saying no one should believe the show. However, there’s also speculation that Wes had second thoughts and called several bachelors to make sure they would back him up if he returned (this didn’t go over very well with ABC). Regarding Reid’s absence, ABC contends that he had a prior engagement. However, you have to wonder whether Reid is absent because he’s the bachelor involved in the cliffhanger confession that’s being promoted for the final rose ceremony.  Continue reading

Style ‘n Dash – 19/07

19 Jul

style dashboard

Weekend Style Roundup

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When Glam Meets Punk

17 Jul


Edgy new trends emerging for the fall

Not for the faint hearted, two emerging trends are suggesting a return to a more edgier, non-conformist style for the fall. Barely there eyebrows and partially shaved heads are reminiscent of earlier glam and punk styles that never die, but fade away until rediscovered by the next generation.

First seen on the catwalks of spring fashion shows, bleached brows have been featured in a new ad campaign for Givenchy and in the pages of the August issue of Vogue. Although, this glam-inspired androgynous look is far from flattering, it is a way to make a dramatic statement in these harsh times. (If you want to try the bleached brow look, first experiment with a concealer to avoid brow remorse.)

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Do You Need a Brow-over?

17 Jul

Brow Grooming 101

If you’ve overplucked your brows or don’t know how shape them, here are a few brow grooming steps to get you started.  Continue reading

How to Wear a Romper

15 Jul


Not All Rompers are Created Equal

Rompers have been around for a couple of seasons, but have really taken off this summer. A hit on the celebrity circuit, scene stealers like Blake Lively and Bachelorette contestant, Jillian Harris, have been spotted in revealing rompers exposing lots of leg and self-confidence.

Pick a Romper that Works for Your Body Type

The secret to wearing a one-piece romper is picking one that works for your body type. You can pull off a romper if you choose a style that fits your body well, and drapes your curves in the right places. Selecting the appropriate fabric also makes a difference. Clingy fabrics, like silk, show curves more than heavier fabrics like denim or cotton. Sticking with a solid color presents a longer, leaner look.  Continue reading

The Bachelorette: Extreme Dates with Hawaii-Three-O

13 Jul


Romance and Fashion Maui Style

As the tide rolls in, the Bachelorette and the final three bachelors arrive in Kaanapali, Maui for the next round of one-on-one dates. Now that Wes is gone, Jillian can focus semi-exclusively on the three remaining men by joining them on extreme adventures. Once again, Jillian can extend an invitation to each bachelor to spend the night in a “fantasy suite.” Which bachelor will receive an invitation?

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Style ‘n Dash – 12/07

12 Jul

style dashboard

Weekend Style Roundup

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Win the Fight Against Oily Skin

10 Jul

Intense heat and humidity can cause the sebaceous glands in your skin to work overtime, leading to a shiny, oily complexion with enlarged pores. Most people suffer from shiny face syndrome (SFS) during the summer.

You can fight SFS by following an oil-free cleansing and makeup routine. Continue reading


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