One Product: Four Different Looks

2 Jul

Rock on with vibrant color for your face

You’ve heard of moon rocks, the lunar material collected during human exploration on the moon. Now, you can explore different ways to add color to your face with Pur Rocks.

Try these four different looks by working a makeup brush into the rocks and releasing their pigment. Or use a rock as a crayon to draw in tones of garnet and pink.

Eyes–Accentuate your eyes with Pur Rocks pearly pink color, then follow with a dark liner for a frosty disco look.

Cheeks–Sweep Pur Rocks across your cheeks when you’re in a hurry, to create a fresh, healthy-looking flush.

Face–Dust Pur Rocks pearly pigments on parts of your face that you want to enhance (under the brows and above the cheekbones) and divert attention away from areas you want to minimize.

Lips–Apply Pur Rocks directly to your lips for a shimmering, summer look and finish with a clear, high shine lip gloss.


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