Be a Beauty Survivor

8 Jul


Bring out your inner survivor this summer

If you’re stranded on an exotic beach like a reality show contestant, there’s no need to sacrifice your good looks. You still have a handful of natural ingredients at your fingertips to bring out your raw beauty.

Take a break from that grueling elimination round, put your feet up on a log, and enjoy some of these green beauty alternatives.

Sand–Mix a small amount of sand with water and rub on your arms and legs. Wash off the grit in the ocean and leave your dry, bumpy skin behind.

Salt water–If you’re relaxing in the ocean waters, splash a few drops of salty seawater on your face. It’ll leave a glow and help to clear up any breakouts.

Seaweed–Not just for sushi, you can apply seaweed for anti-oxidant benefits.

Exotic fruits–Mash up fresh papaya or mango to make a skin-softening mask. These fruits help exfoliate and dissolve dead surface skin cells for a fresher, glowing complexion.

Fans of the series can watch the 19th Survivor season this fall, currently being filmed on a Samoan island in the Pacific. Here’s a preview.


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