When Glam Meets Punk

17 Jul
Photo: X17online.com

Photo: X17online.com

Edgy new trends emerging for the fall

Not for the faint hearted, two emerging trends are suggesting a return to a more edgier, non-conformist style for the fall. Barely there eyebrows and partially shaved heads are reminiscent of earlier glam and punk styles that never die, but fade away until rediscovered by the next generation.

First seen on the catwalks of spring fashion shows, bleached brows have been featured in a new ad campaign for Givenchy and in the pages of the August issue of Vogue. Although, this glam-inspired androgynous look is far from flattering, it is a way to make a dramatic statement in these harsh times. (If you want to try the bleached brow look, first experiment with a concealer to avoid brow remorse.)

Rihanna recently revealed a new age mohawk, with the bottom half of her head cut closely to her scalp, that would have made Sid Vicious proud. With a spiky top and fringe bangs, this asymmetrical cut creates a softer and more up-to-date look than the original mohawk. To add an edge to her accessories, Rihanna wore black booties, a black chain handbag, and drop eagle earrings with long gold chains. A sleeveless black top with skinny jeans topped off her retro punk look.

Proving that today’s fashion and music are intertwined, we may have witnessed the rebirth of these trends on the American Idol stage earlier this year. Although he came second in the hit reality show, Adam Lambert has definitely been leading edge with his asymmetrical, razor bangs and dark eyeliner all wrapped up in a glam punk rocker look.


One Response to “When Glam Meets Punk”

  1. fabulouslyglamorous 20/07/2009 at 6:59 am #

    While I think Rihanna can pull off practically anything, I don’t love the new look. It’s ok. But I can’t picture anyone else getting away with it other than her.


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