The Bachelorette: Last Man Standing

27 Jul


And Jillian Gives the Final Rose to . . .

It’s decision time for Canada’s favorite bachelorette, Jillian Harris, as she gets ready to hand a single rose to one of the final bachelors: Kiptyn or Ed. A surge of Internet rumors has preceded this year’s finale including Reid returning to propose and Jillian picking neither of the bachelors. Bringing an end to all of  the speculation, the final rose ceremony will play itself out on the South Kohala coast of the big island of Hawaii. 

Before the drama of the final rose ceremony, Jillian’s northern Alberta clan touch down in Hawaii to grill Jillian’s potential husbands. Wearing an assortment of Hawaiian print frocks, Jillian’s mom channels her inner sergeant, while quizzing Ed and Kiptyn. Ed tries to justify why he left the show, and scores points by asking Jillian’s dad how he would feel if he proposed to Jillian. Jillian’s dad says he’ll be doing somersaults, and Ed ends up wearing a grass skirt to prove his sincerity. Kiptyn passes the test with flying colors as Jillian’s mom thinks Kiptyn is more of a free spirit like Jillian, with the same energy. The consensus is that both Ed and Kiptyn are there for the right reasons, but Jillian still wonders about her passion with Ed.

Proving again that the way to a bachelor’s heart is through a scenic helicopter ride, Jillian and Ed tour the Kilauea volcano lava flows along the Puna coastline. They land next to a waterfall in Hilo for a private lunch and a romantic dip in a private lagoon, where more than the volcano is boiling over. Ed really wants to seal the deal so he promises he will never leave Jillian again. Back at the hotel suite, zip boom bonjour . . . Ed is back in business.

Next, Jillian and Kiptyn ride on a speedboat to a secluded black sand beach, where they enjoy a picnic lunch. Their physical attraction is strong, but Jillian still needs to make sure that Kiptyn is prepared to commit to a future with her. Kiptyn puts it all out there because it’s his last chance at the final rose. He tells Jillian he’s falling in love with her and talks marriage and kids, but is this last minute declaration enough to convince Jillian?

As the men prepare for the final rose ceremony by selecting handmade Neil Lane engagements rings, it’s suddenly hard to tell who Jillian is leaning towards. Maybe, the test should be who has better taste selecting jewelry, which means Kiptyn’s 3-carat bling wins over Ed’s 2.05-carat pear-shaped diamond and platinum ring (more about the design of the ring here). Or, maybe it should be who cleans up better. Kiptyn wins again in a skintight blue suit over Ed’s grey suit.

For the final rose ceremony, Jillian looks like a princess in a spectacular Cennamo couture gown in a Cinderella soft pink with a Nadri horseshoe necklace. She waits nervously on the sacred Bachelorette altar as Kiptyn is the first bachelor to arrive. Even though Kiptyn finally tells Jillian that he’s in love with her, Jillian lets him know it’s too late because she’s fallen in love with somebody else. In the limo confession, Kiptyn seems stunned and tears up as he reminds us that he’s never had his heart broken before.

It’s Ed turn, next. But, first there’s a sharp detour as Reid from Philadelphia arrives in a taxi. He’s here to tell Jillian that he had to pull a million strings, but he loves her and he’s ready to propose. Jillian looks stunned as Reid says he doesn’t see her with Ed or Kiptyn, only him (wow!). Although, Jillian seems confused about his last minute confession (and needs a moment with Chris Harrison), she finally tells Reid that she plans on sticking with her original decision.

Reid is sent packing again (ouch) and Ed’s limo pulls up. Jillian is more composed as Ed walks towards her. He tells Jillian that she’s changed his life and he’s re-prioritized, but first does she love him? Jillian tells Ed there’s no doubt in her mind that she’s madly in love with him. In a flash, he’s on one knee and asks Jillian to marry him with her answering: “Absolutely.” Then he carries Jillian off . . . to the After the Final Rose special. Stay tuned tomorrow to see if Jillian and Ed are living happily ever after in Vancouver or Chicago (online spoiler sites are full of rumors as to whether they’re still together).

Did Jillian make the right choice? Add your comments below.


One Response to “The Bachelorette: Last Man Standing”

  1. vancouver events 27/07/2009 at 10:22 pm #

    wrong choice. If Kiptyn was the total package, how could she go for Ed? Reid was a better choice than Ed.

    Wonder if they’ll stay together?


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