The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose Recap

28 Jul


Chicago Here We Come

It turns out that fairy tales do come true. Especially if you’re Jillian Harris, Canada’s favorite bride-to-be, who received a proposal from Ed Swiderski in last night’s season finale of the Bachelorette. Two months have passed since the dramatic episode was taped, and we’re about to find out whether Jillian and Ed are living happily ever after.

Melissa Hoopla: First, Melissa Rycroft is here to update us on her life after a painful public rejection by Bachelor Jason Mesnick. It’s clear that she’s moved on with roles on Dancing with the Stars and Good Morning America, and she’s engaged. So let’s get on with the show.

Kiptyn and his six-pack abs tell all: Kiptyn comes out next and we watch highlights of his final day in Hawaii. He admits that he clearly fell in love with Jillian and was about to propose to her. Jillian in a white Alice & Olivia tank dress with Jose & Maria Barrera earrings joins them on stage. Jillian and Kiptyn seem more like old friends than former fantasy suite roommates. Kiptyn wonders what he could have done differently and Jillian says he never did anything wrong, and she appreciated that he treated her with respect. In Kiptyn’s latest interview, he says it all: “The biggest thing is that Jillian’s happy.”

Reid is back and he’s wearing real shoes: Reid comes out to great applause, and we watch his agonizing proposal to Jillian along with the live audience. He says he wishes he had told Jillian that he loved her earlier, but he wanted to be sure. Surprisingly, Reid didn’t think he had real competition, and that his return was a slam dunk.

When Jillian comes out, Reid asks if a part of her wanted to say yes to his proposal. Jillian has trouble answering his question, so Chris jumps in and asks if Reid still loves her. He answers “of course,” and asks Jillian whether it would have been different if he would have expressed his feelings for her earlier. Jillian says she’s incredibly happy and in love, and she could never have let Ed go. An excited audience member then asks Reid out, but he says it’s too early and he hasn’t started dating yet. Hey, Reid, let us let us know when you’re ready (since the taping of the ATFR Special, Reid says he’s planning on getting back in the dating game “probably pretty soon.”)

Jillian and Ed are still together: Jillian shows off her Neil Lane 2.01 carat sparkler as Ed joins her and Chris on stage. They talk about the excitement of  the day of the proposal, and let us know that they’re in a great place now (Chris Harrison also thinks “they are really perfect together.”). The big news is that our favorite Canadian bride-to-be is moving to Chicago to live with Ed (but commuting back and forth a lot) and likely will tie the knot in 12 months, possibly in Alberta! They say they haven’t spent more than 5 or 6 days apart this summer. How have they managed to hide out in Vancouver without being noticed?

It’s a wrap: That’s it for Bachelorette Season 5 (Jillian blogs why she is extremely happy here). So far, we don’t know who will be the next Bachelor. ABC is probably checking the man code before they get back to us.

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