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Dark and Edgy Purple Nail Polish

31 Aug

Fall’s Trendiest Nail Color

If you’re not quite ready for fall’s plum shadows and lip colors, try this hot shade on your nails first. Nail colors for the upcoming season are dark and jewel toned, with endless finishes in violet, eggplant, and royal purple.

Try Revlon’s Dark Pleasures Nail Polish in Blacker Lacquer, which is destined to be a jewel-colored fall favorite. Or make a statement with NARS nail polish in Purple Rain (a gothic purple shade).

If you love cult favorites, try Purple Revolution from the Dior Vernis collection. This dark violet nail color in a new formula adds high drama for your tips to your toes.

For the latest nail trend, make sure to apply a base coat to avoid yellow-stained nails. Choose polish that is chip resistant and your nails will stay pretty in purple.

Back on the Chain Accessories Gang

29 Aug
Free People

Free People

Link-embellished accessories for fall

The resurgence of glam rock is impacting not only music, but fashion as well. You can see its influence this fall especially when it comes to accessories with chains. Chain accents are everywhere from chain strapped purses to layered oval link necklaces. Put your style on lock with link details in silver, gold, and pewter as seen on multi-chain bib necklaces and classic quilted Chanel handbags.

For an extreme edgy look like Rihanna’s, try a motorcycle jacket with dangling chain earrings and studded platform shoes. Or make a chained accessory the centerpiece of your outfit by teaming it with your favorite dress and jacket.  Whether it’s around your waist or attached to your fall ankle boots, your linked look will definitely start a chain reaction.

Juicy Couture




The Discontinued Blues

27 Aug

Toothpaste for Dinner

What to do When Your Favorite Product is Discontinued

We’ve all been there. You love a cosmetic product. It works perfectly for you. You’re so fond of this product you decide to stockpile it.

Except when you get to your favorite makeup counter, you find out that the product that has seen you through job interviews, new romances, and lunches with perspective mother-in-laws has now been Discontinued.

In my case, this happened with Benefit Cosmetics’ Kohl Eye Pencil in Sable. The color is perfect for my hazel eyes and the line it produces is pure perfection. I’ve got half of the pencil left, but what to do after it’s over? I’ll have fun trying to replace this pencil liner, but it’s disappointing that it has been eliminated from Benefit’s product line. I still love Benefit for their great kits and happy packaging, but I know better now than to get “too attached.”

Elle Magazine offers some tips for coping with lost beauty loves.

Has your favorite product been discontinued? How did you cope?

Live Rich Beauty Tips: #9 Gentle Shaving Cream

26 Aug


Use Skin Cleanser as Shaving Cream

If you run out of shaving cream and don’t want to spend money on a shaving cream or gel, look no further than your skin cleanser.

Continue reading

Fall to Pieces With Darker Lips

25 Aug

Get ready for dark, matte lipstick for fall. Celebrities like Catherine Zeta Jones, Jessica Alba, and Christina Ricci have all been spotted wearing darker shades.

Although wearing dark lip color may seem intimidating, you don’t have to be a vampire to pull off the look. You just need to find the depth of color that works with your lip tone.

If you’re fair, try Mac Viva Glam, perfect for pale skin. Darker complexions can experiment with deeper berry shades like Givenchy Rouge Interdit Lipstick in Black Plum. To avoid lipstick bleeding, use a matching lip liner.

When it comes to the rest of your makeup, go for a more subtle look. Apply neutral eye shadow or go bare so the color on your eyelids doesn’t compete with your lips. Eyeliner and plenty of black mascara with your power pout works just right to balance the look.

[Image via Sephora]




Mad Men 3.2: Love Among the Ruins

23 Aug

Mad Men Fashion and Recap

At Sterling Cooper, Ken Cosgrove’s ad team is discussing Pepsi’s new diet soda, originally called Patio Cola, aimed at helping women “reduce.” To the delight of the men, the client has asked for a frame-by-frame knock-off of Bye Bye Birdie’s opening scene starring Ann-Margret. Peggy wonders about Ann-Margret’s appeal as she mocks “her ability to be 25 and act 14.”

Peggy is struggling with Ann-Margret’s role in the ad but Don sets her straight when he tells her: “Men want her and women want to be her.” Don’s instincts prove to be right when we later see Peggy singing the Bye Bye Birdie tune as she imitates Ann-Margret in front of a mirror using her hair bush as a microphone.  Continue reading

Boyfriend Blazer: Hot Trend for Fall ’09

23 Aug

You love it when your boyfriend lends you his blazer on a cool evening. The blazer is so cozy, you’ve even wondered whether he’d notice if you just took it home for good.

For those who don’t have a boyfriend or just love jackets with a menswear touch, fashion designers showed off masculine blazers with rolled up sleeves in several fall 2009 runway shows earlier this year. Ralph Lauren embraced the boyfriend blazer by topping it over a chiffon dress, while Yves Saint Laurent’s paired an oversized jacket with a miniskirt.

To get the look of this 80s trend, all you have to do is invest in a classic blazer with the right fit for your body type. Even though the size of the blazer is exaggerated, make sure the jacket is not too large otherwise it will overpower your look. If you’re petite, consider getting your tailor to adjust the blazer so that it balances the pieces you intend to wear with it.  Continue reading

Are You Ready for the Eating Green Diet?

23 Aug


Shrink your stomach and your waste by following a green diet

If you’ve recently embraced the green lifestyle, you’ll probably want to check out The Girl’s Guide to Eating Green in the latest issue of Marie Claire magazine. This healthy, eco-friendly action plan is for people who want to make changes to their diet for their “own well-being and the Earth’s.”

The guide offers three levels of going green when it comes to your diet: low maintenance, up-and-coming, and hardcore greenie. Whatever level you decide to pursue involves changing where you shop and what ends up on your green grocery list.  Continue reading

Aspirin Mask Does Magic

22 Aug

DIY Mask Leaves your Skin Feeling Baby Smooth

You don’t have to go to a spa to clear up spotty, uneven skin. Just look in your bathroom cabinet for a bottle of asprin, and whip up a non-irritating aspirin mask. With the same acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) found in many exfoliants and acne creams, aspirin can help calm your skin leaving it smooth and soft.

Whether your skin type is normal to oily or acne prone, you can use this mask for clean, fresh skin. For very oily skin and severe blemishes, use once or twice a week. Other skin types can apply the mask once a week or twice a month if you have dry or sensitive skin.

How do you make the aspirin mask?

Crush four to six ASA tablets using a mortar and pestle or spoon. Add enough drops of water to form a paste. Smooth it over your skin, and keep it on until completely dry (approximately 10 minutes). Rinse with plenty of water and follow with a light moisturizer.

Tips: Do not apply the mask near the eye zone or overuse as it can be drying.

Pucker Up, I’m Canadian

20 Aug

What do Canadian kisses taste like?

If you’re out of the country and crave a little Canadiana, take out your maple-cinnamon glaze Kiss Me! I’m Canadian lip balm ($3.49) from Shea Butter Market for a taste of home.

Made with organic shea butter, jojoba oil, beeswax, cinnamon leaf, and maple syrup, the natural moisturizer in this balm heals your lips whether they’re chapped, sunburned, or just dry. With a high content of cinnamic acid, it also provides natural UV protection from the sun.

To get the most from this lip balm, melt it first using your fingertip in a swirling motion on the surface of the product. Then apply to your lips and the corners of your mouth. You’ll be humming the tune to O Canada in no time.

Very Hollywood, Very Michael Kors

19 Aug

Get Your Bling on and Smell Good Too

Michael Kors has launched a new floral fragrance called Very Hollywood Michael Kors, available at department stores next month. The sophisticated scent features extravagant ingredients including mandarin, iced bergamot, wet jasmine, and ylang-ylang.

Traditional perfume lovers can experience Hollywood glamour with Michael Kors Fragrance Very Hollywood Eau de Parfum ($45) in a glass bottle reminiscent of the flashbulbs of 50s and 60s photography.

If you’re looking for something a little different, try Michael Kors Very Hollywood Solid Perfume Cocktail Ring. An impressive pink gem creates a special sparkle and discreetly hides a solid of the scent ($40) underneath. For all red carpet occasions, the Very Hollywood Solid Perfume Cocktail Ring is the perfect accessory for taking control of the spotlight.

Mattify Your Hairstyle

19 Aug

Add Volume to Your Hair with Natural Movement

If you love the bombshell look but have trouble getting the height, OSIS Dust It Mattifying Powder by Schwarzkopf Professional offers texture and separation all in a matt effect.

With its unique powder consistency, OSiS’s Dust keeps the natural consistency of your hair but with light texture control for that “second day” look.

How do you dust your hair?

Sprinkle a small amount of powder into your hands, then rub together. Comb through your hair using your fingers, lifting for volume.

If you want extra volume, apply directly to your roots. Or, apply more powder in small amounts for extra separation where you need it.

Unlike fairy dust, OSIS Dust It Mattifying Powder won’t change your life but it’ll keep your hair looking great even when there’s high humidity.

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Mad Men: Season 3 Premiere

17 Aug

Out of Town: Drama and Fashion

The season premiere opens with Don Draper preparing a hot drink for his pregnant wife, Betty. As he works the spoon through the milk, he also stirs up the past with clues to the mysterious night he was born and handed off to another family.

New beginnings highlight this episode. Sterling Cooper is in the midst of restructuring with one third of the office being handed pink slips and current employees vying for promotions. Don and Betty are trying to revive their marriage and prepare for the birth of their child. Salvatore Romano is newly exposed to the distractions of business trips when he jets off to Baltimore with Don.

Fresh starts don’t always bring what you’re hoping for, though, as newly promoted Pete Campbell soon finds out when he realizes he’s splitting ad accounts with co-worker Ken Cosgrove as accounts manager. Meanwhile, Don easily slips back into old philandering ways with a flirtatious stewardess on a flight to Baltimore. Continue reading

Style ‘n Dash – 16/08

16 Aug

style dashboard

Weekend Style Roundup

25 Star-Tested Beauty Tips & Tricks (People StyleWatch)

LUSH: Wash your hands of palm and give back to the rainforest (The Organic Beauty Expert)

Fabric Necklaces: Fall Fashion Guide 2009 (The Budget Fashionista)

MAC works with three renowned artists for the Fall Colour Collection (The Life of a Ladybug)

New Generation of Shoes Helps You Lose Weight (The Blush Stops Here)

Mad Men, Well-Dressed Women

15 Aug

Inspiring Vintage Styles from Mad Men

With Mad Men returning for season 3, fans of the AMC show are waiting not only for the dark-suited drama that takes place at a 60s Madison Avenue advertising agency. Devotees of vintage fashion, including high-end designers like Michael Kors, will be looking for inspiration from the three female leads on the show. Expertly costumed by designer Janie Bryant, each of these women represents a style that speaks loudly from her character’s point of view whether it’s preppy, sultry, or sophisticated.

Peggy Olson, junior copywriter, cares more about her career at the Sterling Cooper ad agency than getting married. She’s matured over the last year and updated her bouncy ponytail with a bolder 60s flip. For season 3, look for Peggy’s collegiate look to grow into skirt suits with high necklines and a touch of color, as she climbs the corporate ladder.  Continue reading


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