First Lady of Lip Gloss

1 Aug

Lip Products Inspired by Michelle Obama

Not only is Michelle Obama making waves on the fashion front, she’s now inspiring lip colors for several lip collections.

The First Lady’s focus on classic but neutral fashion pieces translates well into lip shades that are sheer and natural with just a hint of color. For First Lady wanabees, these lip products will keep you glossed up whether travelling on the campaign trail or hosting a luncheon to honor a foreign dignitary. 

Chroma Makeup Studio has added a shade called Michelle to their fall 2009 lip veneer collection based on the results of their gloss naming contest. The inspired shade is a fresh berry color that will easily fit in with the rich lip shades spotted in fall runway collections that evoke strength and courage.

Makeup artist Khuraira has created a signature Michelle Obama liptstick for her exclusive makeup line called Lady Obama. This special edition earth tone shade compliments all skin complexions and looks great with the casual chic styles the First Lady is famous for. Twenty percent of the proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Network of Strength.

Kissable Couture offers high shine glosses with a wearable moisturizing formula. Their lip gloss collection now includes a creamy high shine nude color inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama that flatters all skin tones and political persuasions.


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