Making Waves: Adding Curls with Your Flat Iron

6 Aug
Elle Magazine

Image: Elle Magazine

Long, Soft Curls for Fall

If you’re not up for the partially shaved hair seen on the edgiest celebrities, you’ll be happy to know that long, soft curls will still be bouncing their way through the fall season. Celebrities like Jennifer Annison and Kate Hudson make their curls look easy with round-the-clock stylists like David Babaii, creator of WildAid hair care products. However, you can achieve carefree curls the same way celebrities do: using a ceramic flat iron.

The latest flat irons are designed for a lot more than straightening. Flat irons with curved edges let you maneuver the barrel of the flat iron, while evenly distributed heat helps to make the curls last from the inside out. 

How to Curl Your Hair with a Flat Iron

Follow these basic steps for creating curls using a one-inch flat iron. Then check out the video where you can see the magic happen step-by-step.

Tip: Before you start curling, coat your hair with a thermal protectant to add shine and shield your hair from the high heat of the iron.

  1. When the flat iron is hot, clamp a small section of the hair.
  2. Turn the flat iron one whole turn outward away from your face.
  3. Pull the iron down slow for tighter curls or fast if you want loose curls.

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