New Generation of Shoes Helps You Lose Weight

11 Aug


Latest Calorie Burning Footwear

For those who have tried just about anything to shed unwanted pounds, now you can count on your feet to win the weight battle.

Several footwear brands have jumped on the weight loss bandwagon by develping specialized shoes that can help create a sleek physique.

How They Work

The technology behind most fat burning shoes involves weighted soles that make you walk harder. The soles also curve towards the back creating a tilt that encourages the use of additional muscles. Due to the unique design of these shoes, manufacturers claim that you can lose weight and tone your body while performing regular activities or power walking around the neighborhood.

FitFlop – These sandals are engineered to help tone your leg muscles while walking. The sandal includes a sole made of multi-density material that imitates barefoot walking. Every step you take while wearing FitFlop sandals challenges the foot and creates extra tension in the leg and bottom muscles, causing them to work harder and become more toned. With updates styles since its launch in 2007, fans of this sandal include Oprah Winfrey, Jessica Biel, and Heidi Klum. Prices start at around $50 (US).

Skechers Shape Ups – These toning shoes feature a soft wedge insert, a dynamic rolling bottom, and a dual-density midsole that simulate walking barefoot on a surface like sand. As you walk in Skechers Shape Ups, your heel sinks to the ground and you roll forward as your weight shifts to its center, then push off with your toes. All of these movements create toned legs, firm buttocks, and stronger back and abdominal muscles. You can also burn calories, reduce cellulite, and improve your posture. Learn more about Skechers Shape Ups work by checking out their video. Prices start at around $100 (US).

MBT – The antithesis of a shoe, MBT call their footwear the “anti-shoe.” Offering a diverse selection including Mary Janes, a specially designed rubber sole improves your gait and posture and reduces pressure on your joints and back. As it helps exercise a large number of muscles, the MBT anti-shoe stimulates your metabolism and burns extra calories. MBT anti-shoes also distribute pressure on the foot evenly, which prevents ailments that can be caused by the concentration of pressure on individual points. Prices start at around $100 (US). Update: To get into character for a power-walk in her new movie, The Joneses, Demi Moore wore MBT Trainers. Moore thinks the shoes work: “Just in shooting the scene I was feeling it in the legs and the old butt.”

Update: If you want to try a fitness shoe similar to Shape Ups, Payless Shoes has a cheaper version which I’m trying right now . . . no weight loss yet but I can feel the resistance while walking. Most important, the shoes are pretty comfortable.


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