How to Survive Bad Hair Days

14 Aug

Even When You’re US Secretary of State

Everyone is speculating why Hillary Clinton recently blew up at a student in a press conference in the Congo.

Some say it was because she was jetlagged from an eleven day tour of Africa. Others suggest she was angry that Bill hogged the diplomatic spotlight (again!). However, most of us knew what was going on just by taking one look at her bedhead. Hillary was having a bad hair day (Tina Brown of the Daily Beast was the first to propose this theory).

Whether you’re Secretary of State of the world’s most powerful country or Secretary-Treasurer for your local school board, here are some well-kept secrets for taming hair that’s out of control

Spray on Dry Shampoo

If you’re flying to a foreign country and don’t have time for a wash and blowout, try one of the latest spray on dry shampoos. A new wave of products has hit the shelves that can refresh your hair without a single drop of water. This trick also works if you’ve used too many styling products in your hair, leaving it limp and looking oily.

Accessorize with Jeweled Hair Pins

Impress your host country by wearing jeweled hair pins that represent their national motif. Use the pins to pull unruly hair away from your face or stop those nasty flyaways that always look worse on the network evening newscast.

Change Your Part

If you’re looking to create instant volume, part your hair on the opposite side that it’s accustomed to. Mist some volumizer spray at the roots and blow dry the root area for an instant root lift that will impress any well-travelled reporter from the foreign press corps.

Stash Velcro Rollers in Your Overnight Bag

While you’re getting briefed for your busy day ahead, section off small strands of hair, spray them with a bit of hair spray and roll the curlers down to the scalp. Carefully unroll the curlers in the same direction you rolled them when your curls are dry, or your assistant is reminding you that your joint press conference with the president of the foreign country you are visiting is about to begin.

Try these bad hair day fixes, and you’ll be stealing headlines for your diplomatic victories in no time.


One Response to “How to Survive Bad Hair Days”

  1. EM 15/08/2009 at 5:43 pm #

    Hillary’s hair was not perfect. She did need your suggestions.


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