Mad Men, Well-Dressed Women

15 Aug

Inspiring Vintage Styles from Mad Men

With Mad Men returning for season 3, fans of the AMC show are waiting not only for the dark-suited drama that takes place at a 60s Madison Avenue advertising agency. Devotees of vintage fashion, including high-end designers like Michael Kors, will be looking for inspiration from the three female leads on the show. Expertly costumed by designer Janie Bryant, each of these women represents a style that speaks loudly from her character’s point of view whether it’s preppy, sultry, or sophisticated.

Peggy Olson, junior copywriter, cares more about her career at the Sterling Cooper ad agency than getting married. She’s matured over the last year and updated her bouncy ponytail with a bolder 60s flip. For season 3, look for Peggy’s collegiate look to grow into skirt suits with high necklines and a touch of color, as she climbs the corporate ladder. 

Get Peggy’s Look

Image courtesy of Banana Republic

Image courtesy of Banana Republic

Joan Holloway, office manager, is always turning heads with curve hugging dresses in jewel tones that highlight her hourglass shape. Sterling Cooper employees know better than to mess with Joan, who always knows what she wants. This season, Joan will keep showing off her saucy sense of style, including her fire engine red hair upswept in a bouffant 60s updo.

Get Joan’s Look

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Betty Draper, a suburban housewife, has enough money and time to spend shopping for sophisticated couture wtih fitted bodices and full skirts that accentuate her impressive model figure. This season, Betty moves towards a more grown up style with slimmer skirts as her marriage and the values of the decade continue to fall apart.

Get Betty’s Look

Image courtesy of Banana Republic

Image courtesy of Banana Republic

[Image: courtesy of AMC]

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One Response to “Mad Men, Well-Dressed Women”

  1. EM 17/08/2009 at 7:31 pm #

    The dress Betty is wearing cost $180.00, not a bad price.


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