Mad Men: Season 3 Premiere

17 Aug

Out of Town: Drama and Fashion

The season premiere opens with Don Draper preparing a hot drink for his pregnant wife, Betty. As he works the spoon through the milk, he also stirs up the past with clues to the mysterious night he was born and handed off to another family.

New beginnings highlight this episode. Sterling Cooper is in the midst of restructuring with one third of the office being handed pink slips and current employees vying for promotions. Don and Betty are trying to revive their marriage and prepare for the birth of their child. Salvatore Romano is newly exposed to the distractions of business trips when he jets off to Baltimore with Don.

Fresh starts don’t always bring what you’re hoping for, though, as newly promoted Pete Campbell soon finds out when he realizes he’s splitting ad accounts with co-worker Ken Cosgrove as accounts manager. Meanwhile, Don easily slips back into old philandering ways with a flirtatious stewardess on a flight to Baltimore. When she later admits to him that she’s engaged and this may be her last chance, Don tells her he’s been married a long time and she’ll have plenty of chances. Even Salvatore gets a first opportunity to express his true sexuality with a bell hop, but is interrupted when a fire alarms rings out loudly in the hotel. As usual, Don cleans up for both of them on their flight home, when he reveals the London Fog ad slogan (also a warning for Salvatore): limit your exposure.

Mad Men Fashion Classics: The fashion scene stealer for this episode is Joan Holloway, office manager. She first appears in a commanding red dress with sparkling gold buttons and matching clip ons as she pits herself against the new male British “secretary,” John Hooker. When she meets Peggy at the elevator in the foyer of their building, her sophisticated shawl collar, green gold houndstooth coat contrasts with Peggy Olson’s schoolgirl beret and grey belted suit.

Come Fly With Me: A sign of the times, the blonde stewardess that Don escorts to his hotel room is dressed in a sky blue suit, complete with a matching Jackie Kennedy pill box hat and traditional 1960s undergarments (bra and panty girdle courtesy of Rago Shapewear, who provides original pieces of the era and new pieces). Don expertly covers his tracks when his daughter Sally comes across the stewardess’ wings in his suitcase. “I will always come home. You will always be my little girl,” Don tells Sally as he attaches the stick pin to her bubble gum pink housecoat.

Have you ever wondered what it was like being a stewardess in the swinging sixties? Coffee, Tea or Me? The Uninhibited Memoirs of Two Airline Stewardesses describes the days when stews had to be single, sexy, and thin.

[Image: courtesy of AMC]


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  1. EM 17/08/2009 at 7:25 pm #

    This was better than the TV.


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