Mattify Your Hairstyle

19 Aug

Add Volume to Your Hair with Natural Movement

If you love the bombshell look but have trouble getting the height, OSIS Dust It Mattifying Powder by Schwarzkopf Professional offers texture and separation all in a matt effect.

With its unique powder consistency, OSiS’s Dust keeps the natural consistency of your hair but with light texture control for that “second day” look.

How do you dust your hair?

Sprinkle a small amount of powder into your hands, then rub together. Comb through your hair using your fingers, lifting for volume.

If you want extra volume, apply directly to your roots. Or, apply more powder in small amounts for extra separation where you need it.

Unlike fairy dust, OSIS Dust It Mattifying Powder won’t change your life but it’ll keep your hair looking great even when there’s high humidity.

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One Response to “Mattify Your Hairstyle”

  1. EM 21/08/2009 at 8:53 am #

    Ebay has this for $13.00.


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