Are You Ready for the Eating Green Diet?

23 Aug


Shrink your stomach and your waste by following a green diet

If you’ve recently embraced the green lifestyle, you’ll probably want to check out The Girl’s Guide to Eating Green in the latest issue of Marie Claire magazine. This healthy, eco-friendly action plan is for people who want to make changes to their diet for their “own well-being and the Earth’s.”

The guide offers three levels of going green when it comes to your diet: low maintenance, up-and-coming, and hardcore greenie. Whatever level you decide to pursue involves changing where you shop and what ends up on your green grocery list. 

Where to Shop

If you’re just getting started, you don’t have to abandon your favorite grocery store. You just need to shop the periphery area of the store—where most of the fresh foods are located (packaged foods with higher calories are located in the middle aisles). If you’re up for more of an effort, make at least one trip per week to your local farmers’ market where you can purchase produce that was likely picked within the last 48 hours. Hard core greenies can join a food coop, where members buy “shares” in a local farm which start at around $50 per month, and receive a box of produce from the coop (whatever is available) each week.

What Products to Buy

Now that you know where to shop, which green products do you pile up in your shopping basket? Low-maintenance greenies can try organic meats and dairy products, as well as whole grain foods. If you’re more ambitious, go for local products as the food is likely to be more ripe and nutritious. Ready to go all the way? Then, experiment with DIY recipes that use raw ingredients like homemade granola and bread. You can also add more beans, such as chickpeas and lentils, to your diet as a protein source.

Whether you’re a novice or hardcore, your green diet will make a difference in creating a more mindful and healthier lifestyle.


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