Fast Food Makeover

16 Sep
Courtesy: Macmillan

Courtesy: Macmillan

Guilt-free Fast Food

If you’re having trouble getting into those skinny jeans, you don’t have to give up junk food completely. According to Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien, “It’s not about going on a diet or being on or off a diet – it’s about finding foods that can fit into your lifestyle forever and still feel satisfied.”

After struggling for years with her weight, Lisa decided to abandon flour, bread, pasta, and starches for a year to change her way of eating. In the process, she developed replacement recipes for fast food favorites like onion rings and chicken fingers. Today, Lisa watches calories by following Weight Watchers’ point system and keeping carbs to a minimum, as she searches for the latest trends in food and dieting to incorporate into her philosophy.

On a recent Rachael Ray show appearance, Lisa demonstrated her food makeover talents by reforming a classic fast food chicken burger. While a take-out chicken burger usually includes a deep-fried batter, Lisa’s HG Crispy Chicken Sandwich uses Fiber One cereal as a coating which results in one-third of the calories and almost no fat (yummo!).

You can find healthy recipes at as well as daily tips and tricks.


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