Camouflage Your Skin Imperfections

25 Sep

Here’s your best weapon for covering up nasty red spots and other skin imperfections.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage is a two-shade system with one shade to match your skin’s depth of color and one to match your skin’s undertone. With two shades that you can custom blend, you’ll be able to cover up just about everything from acne to red spots to dark circles.

The best way to apply this color is with a thin concealer brush using a warming technique to start.

After applying foundation, use the brush to place a generous amount of concealer on the top of your hand. Then, move the brush back and forth until the concealer is a creamy texture. Mix the two shades together until you get the perfect shade.

After application, pat the concealer with your fingertips and set with a translucent powder, if desired.

With the concealer’s dual shade system, you’ll be able adjust your coverage all year round to suit your changing complexion. Even better, Secret Camouflage contains aloe to soothe irritated and sensitive skin.


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