Canada’s Controversial Breast Cancer Ad

26 Sep

A new fundraiser ad for a Canadian breast cancer charity, Rethink Breast Cancer, is causing controversy but may lead to more discussion about the disease.

The ad campaign called “Save the Boobs” shows up-close shots of a woman in a bikini as passerbys stare. The tagline reads: “You know you like them. Now it’s time to save the boobs. Booby Ball October 2nd.”

One website showing the ad has had almost half-a-million hits, but some people are criticizing the ad as being too racy. The woman in the ad is Aliya-Jasmine Sovani, who conceived, wrote, and helped to produce it entirely with volunteers. The MTV Canada host says she has nothing to apologize for and, as more people talk about breast cancer, good or bad, at least they’re talking about it.

Click here to watch the ad (note that a YouTube warning is displayed indicating that content may be inappropriate for some users).

Find out here how you can help Rethink Breast Cancer.


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