Eight Hour Cream Goes Vintage

30 Sep

Eight Hour Cream is a cult beauty product created in 1930 by Elizabeth Arden to soothe, restore, and calm chapped, dry skin. With key ingredients like petrolaturm (one of the original beta-hydroxys) and Vitamin E, the legendary cream was so effective Miss Arden even applied it to her thoroughbred horses’ legs.

Today, this skincare classic is still a popular choice for moisturizing dry skin and providing anti-inflammatory benefits. But now you can enjoy the award-winning formula in a lip protectant stick encased in a limited edition vintage 1960’s lipstick holder. With a light, yet super-emollient formula, the lip balm also protects against sun damage with an SPF 15 sunscreen.

Perfect for chapped and cracked lips, take this stylish lip protectant along with you and your lips will feel soft, supple, and ready for the swinging 60s.

Fans of the 80’s can also get an Eight Hour Cream Vintage 1980’s Lip Protectant Stick reminiscent of the early Madonna days.


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