Wet/Dry Hair Defuzzer

6 Oct

Braun’s Top Epilator Works in and out of Water

I bought my first Braun Silk-épil over 10 years ago when my Brazilian friend recommended it. In Brazil, beauty is a full time job so I trusted my friend’s judgment about its effectiveness and glossed over her warning that it hurts like “he–“.

The first time I used the Silk-épil, the stabs of pain gave new meaning to hair removal but I was amazed at how long it took for the hair to grow back. Since using the Silk-épil, the hair growth has become less and less. Best of all, this hair remover works really well if you’ve “let things go” and need to glam up in a pinch.

Braun’s latest innovation is the Silk-épil Xpressive epilator. Specially designed for warm water, this wet/dry epilator helps reduce the discomfort that accompanies this type of hair removal. Warm water improves your circulation and makes you less sensitive.

Silk-épil Xpressive also features a hairlift system that easily removes short, flat hairs at the root with smooth skin for up to 4 weeks. You can also count on reaching awkward places with a flexible head that can pivot up to 15 degrees forward and back. With all these new features, epilation just got even better.


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