Latest Computer Fashion: Computer Clutch

11 Oct

Clutch bags are hot, but what’s even hotter is an HP computer clutch by award-winning designer Vivienne Tam. Featured recently in her 2010 spring collection in a classic butterfly design, Vivienne Tam’s clutch computer will let you geek out in style.

If you can’t wait for the butterfly printed notebook out in spring 2010, the first generation notebook is available in a peony print in violet or red. At 2.45 pounds, the HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam is easy to carry around and even fits in a purse.

The computer includes email, Instant Messaging, and an integrated webcam as well as a generous keyboard – about 92% of a full-size keyboard. Featuring an Intel Atom processor for full Internet capability, you can also record up to 8.5GB of media in all major formats on one drive with the HP dvd555s 8X External Multiformat DVD Writer.

For even more glamor, accessorize your Mini 1000 with Vivienne Tam separates, like a printed bag and scarf, which are sold separately.

Peony-Inspired Notebook


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