Fight Germs with Lip Balm

16 Oct

Are you worried about catching a bug during the upcoming flu season? Not to worry. Just apply lip balm with bacteria fighting ingredients, and you’ll have a better chance of fighting off those nasty cold and flu germs.

Lip Shield SPF 8 Multi-Active Lip Balm from LaROCCA contains mangosteen and a Brazilian botanical called Cha de Bugre, that offer antimicrobial and antiviral protection. With hyaluronic acid and camu camu, an Amazon fruit, the lip balm also helps to improve your immune system and fight off cold sores.

Other potent ingredients include sea buckthorn which provides a host of vitamins and minerals, while L-arginine and alpha lipoic offer anti-aging properties by stimulating collagen. Like all LaROCCA products, this paraben-free lip balm also features 24-katat colloidal gold which can boost cell turnover and help keep lips looking smooth, soft, and healthy.


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