Safe Halloween Makeup for Kids

24 Oct

Every fall, children look forward to creating spooky Halloween looks with makeup.

When compared with pricey costume masks, Halloween face painting and special effects makeup are inexpensive alternatives.

Safe Makeup Tips

Here are some tips to ensure safe makeup application:

  1. If you plan on using store-bought makeup, carefully read the instructions (makeup should be labeled non-toxic) and follow directions.
  2. Pre-test the make-up several days before the big event by dabbing a small amount of makeup on your child’s arm and leaving it for a day. If your child develops a rash or irritation, do not use.
  3. Make sure to check ingredients and supervise the application process.
  4. Avoid getting makeup in or close to eyes. For younger children, use makeup sparingly as they are more likely to rub their eyes and possibly cause irritation.
  5. Do not put anything on your child’s face that is not intended for use on skin like markers, paint, or glitter.
  6. Carefully remove all makeup before children go to bed. For cream and water-based makeup, use gentle soap and water. Remove oil-based makeup with cold cream or baby oil, and wipe with a tissue.

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