Keep Your Beauty Products Squeaky Clean

1 Nov

Even if you’re not a germaphobe, you probably are paying more attention to bacteria because of recent flu outbreaks. Cosmetic products are magnets for bacteria which may lead to pink eye, cold sores, and skin sensitivities.

BeautySoClean™ is a unique line of cosmetic sanitizing products created and used by professional makeup artists to clean, rejuvenate, and remove bacteria from cosmetic products without changing the makeup in any way.  You can safeguard your health with three products that come in regular and professional size:

  • Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist cleans and removes bacteria from powder-based products (eye shadow, blushes, etc.) and cream-based products (concealers, lip glosses in a pot, etc.).
  • Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes refresh and remove bacteria from lipsticks, lip glosses, pencils, and makeup products.
  • Conditioning Brush Cleanser conditions and dissolves makeup from cosmetic brushes. Formulated with natural ingredients, you can use the cleanser for natural and synthetic makeup brushes.

[Image via BeautySoClean]


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