Lancome Holiday 2009: L’Absolu Rouge Soirée

4 Nov
Lancome Holiday 2009

Lancome Holiday 2009

Color Collection with Festive Shimmer

It’s never too early to get ready for the holidays, and Lancome can answer your holiday makeup questions with the L’Absolu Rouge Soirée collection. With vibrant reds, jeweled plums, and earthy browns, you can celebrate the holidays with just the right amount of glamour you’d expect for the holiday season.

Check out the Lancome Beauty School for detailed instructions on how to incorporate the L’Absolu Rouge Soirée palette into your holiday look. Tips include applying Aquatique nude eyecolour base to leave your eyes with a matte, natural finish to help make shadows last longer. You can also illuminate your skin with a wam glow by adding layers of Sparkling Cherub, a sheer bronze-lit powder.

For just the right amount of shimmer to bring in the holidays, the L’Absolu Rouge Soirée collection offers multiple looks with just the right amount of festive sparkle for the season.

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