Color Coded Hair Repair

9 Nov

Leave in Color, Leave out Frizz

It’s no secret that hair color fades due to repeated washings and environmental exposure. You can go back to your stylist to get your color redone or you can try a conditioner that brings your color back to life.

Ojon’s Restorative Leave-In Treatment enhances your hair with oils from the tropical rainforests of Central America that help to reduce frizziness by up to 88%. Oils include passion fruit, macadamia, and crambe seed formulated to smooth your hair and restore its brilliance.

Whether you’re hair color is blonde, brunette, or red, this leave-in treatment provides a combination of ingredients to improve color and add hydration. For blondes, the treatment includes mangosteen, a fruit with intense yellow pigment designed to get hair more golden. Brown hair is enhanced with reishi mushroom and magnolia bark, used as an espresso-tinted colorant. For redheads, the treatment features Japanese algae, rich in carotenoid giving it a deep crimson color.

To get the best out of this product, rub a small amount in the palms of your hands. Next, rub your hands together before applying throughout damp hair. Let your hair dry naturally or blow-dry it then say goodbye to dull, over-processed hair.


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