Detox Eye Roller

10 Nov

First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller

You may have heard about detoxing for your body, but what about detox for the eye area?

First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller helps combat puffiness and dark circles associated with aging, genetics, or just plain lack of sleep.

Key ingredients in the Detox Eye Roller include caffeine to constrict the fine blood vessels that cause dark under eye circles. Peptides revive lost volume and increase the production of collagen to reduce fine lines, while witch hazel soothes skin under the eyes which is very delicate.

To detox the under eye area, all you need to do is gently roll the metal tip from the inner to the outer corner two or three times. Lymphatic buildup underneath the eyes is then redistributed for less baggy looking skin. With no parabens or harsh chemicals, the Detox Eye Roller will help you look like you had a great’s night’s sleep while improving your under eye area over time.


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