Latest Beauty Accessory: Hand Sanitizer

13 Nov

Germ-Killing Solutions

Who would have thought that a hand sanitizer would be a must have accessory for your desk drawer at work or your handbag. With flu season kicking into gear, sales of hand sanitizers are soaring. Although washing with soap and water is the preferred method for fighting germs, the portability of sanitizer products make them popular when you’re on the go.

Sanitizers come in various formats (spray, gel, and wipes) with different added benefits. Burt’s Bees Aloe & Witch Hazel Hand Sanitizer contains a chemical-free formula of alcohol and witch hazel which leave no residue. A clean scent and vitamin-rich aloe vera leave your hands feeling refreshed.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Hand Cleanse Gel is a quick drying liquid that lets you manage germs without over-drying your skin. With its key ingredient of tea tree oil, the gel offers a safe and healthy way to avoid germs with natural purifying antibacterial properties.

EO Sanitizing Hand Wipes stop germs from spreading while keeping your hands clean. Organic and plant based, the wipes contain organic lavender essential oil and 62% organic alcohol that sanitizes on contact.

How to Use Hand Sanitizers
Place a small amount of the sanitizer on the palm of your hand then rub it over your entire hand, including between the fingers and in the nail bed. If the liquid or gel evaporates completely in less than 15 seconds, it means that you haven’t used enough of the product.

Do you carry around a hand sanitizer?


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