Colbert Pretty in Pink for Vancouver 2010?

18 Nov

Ted Townsend wears Olympic Oval pink toque

No Home Advantage for Canadians

Stephen Colbert has been offered a job at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics by the City of Richmond, BC. There’s just one stipulation for the host of The Colbert Report. He has to wear pink.

Colbert, sponsor of the cash-strapped U.S. speedskating team, recently complained that the team has been denied ice time at the Richmond Olympic Oval sport facility. Calling Canadians “syrup-sucking iceholes”, Colbert urged his viewers to send in letters demanding that the country cease its icehole-ish behaviour.

City of Richmond spokesperson, Ted Townsend, responded to the allegation by sending a letter to Colbert indicating that international skaters have never been barred, though they have been asked to follow rules to get on the ice. To ensure there are no hard feelings, the City of Richmond also offered Colbert the position of ombudsman of treatment of American speed skaters during the 2010 Games. Along with the letter, the city included a pink toque as part of Colbert’s uniform to be worn at all times during the Games.

Stephen Colbert later accepted the City of Richmond’s offer to be the Olympic Oval Ombudsman. Although he has no idea what an ombudsman is, he has agreed to take on the job as long as it requires no effort. Ted Townsend, who learned of Colbert’s acceptance by watching the show, insists that Colbert wear the pink toque during his reign as ombudsman: “It’s the uniform and he’ll have to wear it to carry out the functions of the job.” Check out Colbert on the January cover of Sports Illustrated.

Update: The Colbert Report will be taping LIVE at Vancouver Creekside Park next to Science World on February 17th and 18th at 9:15 am!

Sports Illustrated



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