Twilight Boosts Pale Foundation Sales

29 Nov

Image: The Insider

Pale Foundation is the New Normal

Just about this time of year, many of us look in the mirror at our pale winter skin with despair. What usually follows is a frenzied attempt to bring sunny color to porcelain skin using a darker foundation that often looks artificial.

If your skin is on the pale side right now, there’s no need to add color. Due to the influence of the vampire film New Moon, pale complexions are shining through. Just take a look at the alabaster skin of some of the stars of the series like Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene, and you’ll see why pale is popular.

According to the UK Daily Mail, sales of pale makeup shades on the online beauty shop have risen 200 percent in the past month. Their best selling product is Bare Escentuals pale pink Illuminating Mineral Veil powder, a far cry from the bronzing powder some of us drag out in the dead of winter. Other brands are also responding to the demand for a paler look. MAC is launching the Pale ‘n Dandy, while Lise Watier is offering an illuminating powder and porcelain-shade foundation.

Of course, you don’t want to wash out your skin so that it looks like you’ve never seen the light of day. However, this winter you can be proud to be pale!


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