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Top 5 Beauty Picks for 2009

31 Dec


Hot Beauty Favorites

Here’s a roundup of the top five beauty products for 2009 as chosen by The Blush Stops Here.

These get-pretty products, in no particular order, have earned their keep with beauty breakthroughs that have caught everyone’s attention.

To stay on top of beauty trends for 2010, check out our beauty picks updated regularly.



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Winter Beauty Tips for Engaged Carrie Underwood

30 Dec

Image: burningkarma

Fight the Freeze with a Winter Beauty Routine

Now that Carrie Underwood is engaged to hockey player Mike Fisher, she may need to change up her beauty routine routine for the Canadian hockey season. When compared to the frigid climate of Ottawa where Mike Fisher stars for the Ottawa Senators, the winters in Nashville are almost tropical. 

Here are a few seasonal beauty tips to keep skin hydrated through the coldest days of the season. 

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Beauty Products that Light up Your Life

29 Dec

Image: Cosmopolitan

Favorite Products Re‑invented

Who says you need a lighted mirror to touch up your makeup? With the latest generation of LED-enhanced beauty products, you can fix your gloss, mascara, or brows whether you’re in a dark nightclub or parked car.

Too Faced Lashlight is a smudge-proof mascara with microscopic mirrors that bounce light off your lashes for a deep black finish. The mascara wand contains an LED light that shines the spotlight on every lash from the root to the tip. A mirror on the side also helps you apply the unique formula with Red Algae for maximum lash flexibility.

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Lip Gloss to Help You Find a New Year’s Date

28 Dec

Lip Gloss and Man Attractor All in One

Sometimes, it takes extreme measures to find the right date for a big event.  

When it comes to the birds and bees, one theory that has been kicking around since scientists have been studying bugs is the power of pheromones. The blend of chemicals called pheromones may just be responsible for evoking a reaction in another member of the same species.  

If you’re ready to go all out to find your New Year’s date, Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss could help you find your man. The lip gloss tube, designed to lay flat in your pocket, contains a pheromone strip.  

Just rub the tube in the vicinity of potential suitors to release undetectable pheromones into the air and let the magic happen.  Continue reading

Gingerbread Scented Bubbles

26 Dec

Holiday Style Lather and Rinse

With all the excitement of the holidays, everyone needs some down time to relax. A hot bath or shower with your favorite bubbles may just be the answer.

Cake Beauty brings equal opportunity and homemade goodness to your cleansing routine with the Cake Gingerbread Woman Bath & Shower Bubbles blend. Infused with a festive scent of ginger and sweet vanilla frosting, you can continue the holiday spirit long after you’ve unwrapped all of your gifts. Continue reading

Counting Calories at Holiday Happy Hour

24 Dec

Image: Marie Claire

How to Avoid Overloading on Alcoholic Calories

With a lot of holiday parties on the horizon, you may want to come up with a game plan to avoid weight gain. Making careful choices for dinner and dessert seem obvious, but what about cutting calories when cocktails are the main event?

Here are a few ways you can reduce calories when drinking and appetizers are the only choice on the menu.

* Ask for your cocktail on the rocks, instead of frozen. Slushy drinks tend to be prepared with bottled mixers that contain added sugar or syrup.  Continue reading

Medal Inspired Makeup Kit

23 Dec

Go Canada! Eye & Lip Palette

If you’re having trouble finding the Olympic red mittens, how about celebrating the upcoming Winter Games with a medal inspired makeup kit. Vasanti’s Go Canada! Eye & Lip Palette has all the right shades to get your game on for Vancouver 2010.

Perfect for any indoor or outdoor competition, the celebratory kit contains three winning eye shadows based on the three medals of the Olympic games:  Continue reading

A Gift that Keeps on Giving: TheBalm to The Rescue

22 Dec

100% Free of Animal Bi-Products

What could be a better gift for a friend who loves the outdoors than a lip balm in a pretty compact? A vegan lip treatment that donates its net proceeds to a worthy cause!

Formulated with jojoba and shea butter to condition your lips, TheBalm to the Rescue is also infused with vitamins to save you from dry, chapped lips. As you apply the balm, smart micro-exfoliating crystals dissolve  leaving your lips feeling soft and smooth.  Continue reading

Kim Kardashian Serves up Salad for Carl’s Jr.

21 Dec

Image: Carl's Jr.

Carl’s Jr. Launches Three Entree Salads

Following in the high-heeled footsteps of Paris Hilton and Audrina Partridge, Kim Kardashian is the latest reality star to promote fast food at Carl’s Jr®. What’s on the menu this time? Carl’s Jr. Premium Salads.

With her recent toning up and weight loss, Kim prefers salads over burgers because she’s “really into fitness and health” (check out an interview with Kim where she discusses Carl’s Jr. salads and more, courtesy of PopEater). In her upcoming ad promoting the salads, Kim also shares her love of bed picnics, where she puts out a towel and eats in bed.  Continue reading

Gift Idea for Young Beauty Junkies

19 Dec

Lip Balm Kit for Trendy Tweens

What’s the appropriate age to wear makeup? Mothers and daughters have been battling over this issue, as long as women have been tinting their lips.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence whether your tween is ready for lip gloss or eye glitter, why not ease her into the world of cosmetics with the Make Your Own Lip Balm kit. Designed for budding makeup chemists, the kit includes all the essentials for making customized lip balm.  Continue reading

Get Ready for the Shag Look

18 Dec

Image: The Insider

Kristen Stewart Goes Joan Jett

Since Kristen Stewart has been topping most of the trendsetter lists for this year, it wasn’t surprising when all eyes turned to her performance as Joan Jett in the Runaways.

To live the life of the 70s rocker, Kristen chopped her long Bella locks into a retro shag cut: short on the top and long in the back for a deconstructed look to go along with her punk fashion look.

The original shag, with its extreme layering, may have worked on rock chicks and Hollywood leading ladies like Jane Fonda. Most often, however, it resembled an Edward Scissorhands creation.

If you want to get in on the iconic rock hairstyle this time around, try an updated version with piecey layers that take the weight out of your hair, but leave in the shape. Continue reading

New Nail Polish Collection from American Apparel

17 Dec

All the Colors of the Rainbow in High-color Shades

If you’re a regular shopper at American Apparel, you can now get your hands on a new nail collection. American Apparel, known for its provocative advertising campaigns, is now offering a vibrant range of nail colors designed to match important parts of the company.

Fans of deep red colors can try Downtown LA, a custom shade of red that takes its name from the area the factory is located it. Or follow the grey nail polish trend with Factory Grey, named for the shade of paint on all floors of the company’s manufacturing operations.  Continue reading

Sophia Loren Back on the Big Screen in “Nine”

16 Dec

Sophia Loren in Nine

In director Rob Marshall’s musical Nine, Sophia Loren plays the mother of Daniel Day Lewis’ character Guido Contini. At 75, the legendary Italian actress can still turn heads, just like she did when she appeared in her first movie, Le Sei Mogli di Barbablù, in 1950.

Considered one of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses of all time, Sophia’s curvaceous beauty launched her into stardom with films such as The Pride and the Passion co-starring Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra. In 1960, Sophia moved beyond her pinup status and earned an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in the Italian film, Two Women.

Even among the younger talent of Nine, Sophia’s striking looks shine. Her natural beauty has caused much speculation as to whether she’s indulged in plastic surgery. The actress insists she’s 100% percent natural, claiming that with plastic surgery “everyone looks the same.”  Continue reading

Gray Hair is Hot

14 Dec


Diane Keaton

If you’ve spotted a few gray hairs lately, don’t panic.

After exhausting every possible color of the rainbow this summer including pink, yellow, and blue strands, the new trend among the coolest hipsters in East London is gunmetal gray hair (check out a gallery of fashionable gray hair courtesy of Trend Hunter).

According to the Times Online, English model and socialite Pixie Geldof is a fan of the silver foxette look. So is Victoria Beckham who has been seen with the odd gray streak showing through her soft bob.  Continue reading


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