Chocolate Pearls Make Tasty Jewelry

2 Dec

Image: FabSugar

Rich Chocolate Without the Guilt

Assorted chocolates are big around the holiday season, but some chocolate is better for you than others.

If you’re attending a splashy holiday party, stay one step ahead of the crowd with chocolate pearls. Zero calories guaranteed.

Celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker love their chocolate pearls. So does America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13 contestant Nicole, who won a $5000 chocolate pearl necklace for an extreme challenge.

Chocolate pearls, like the ones shown below, are relatively new to most jewelry counters since the color is man made. Several methods are used by jewelers to create chocolate pearls that won’t fade, including bleaching Tahitian black pearls during formation.Β 

The best quality about chocolate pearls is their warm color which make them versatile and easy to wear. Whatever your skin tone, the rich chocolate shade of a freshwater pearl necklace or drop pearl earrings will definitely bring a warm glow to your skin, even on the darkest days of winter.




* Chocolate Cultured Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings in 14K Gold: Zales

* Freshwater Chocolate Pearl Necklace with Sterling Silver Flower Clasp:Β Contact the Blog Author

* Set of Multi Chocolate Baroque Freshwater Cultured Pearl Bracelets: Honora


One Response to “Chocolate Pearls Make Tasty Jewelry”

  1. EM 02/12/2009 at 7:28 am #

    I love chocolate pearls, they are so beautiful, especially the necklace in
    in the center, it is just gorgeous.


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