Elizabeth Grant Lands Lifetime Achievement Award

3 Dec

Have you ever dreamed of starting a cosmetics company? Elizabeth Grant did. Back in 1958, Elizabeth was invited to sell her skin care line at Selfridges in London, after she worked with a chemist to create a miracle ingredient for treating injuries from a dropped bomb during WWII.

Over 50 years later, Elizabeth is CEO of Elizabeth Grant International which has achieved tremendous success and worldwide recognition. Her Canadian company, which has grown from one employee to over 100, offers a full product line of skin care and beauty products that regularly appear in swag bags at red carpet events. A key ingredient is age fighting Torricelumn: a blend of vitamins, proteins, botanicals, and anti-oxidants that penetrate into the skin making it appear firm and smooth.

On December 4, 2009, Elizabeth Grant was  honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by The Women’s International Film & Television Showcase. The award recognizes women in all walks of life, like Elizabeth Grant, who are visionaries that make a difference in the world.

A favorite on The Shopping Channel, Elizabeth Grant definitely makes a difference on her regular appearances when she sells thousands of skin care products to devoted fans of her high performance Torricelumn products.


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