White House Crasher: Who’s She Wearing

6 Dec

Image: The Globe and Mail

Michaele Salahi Wore Yurman

Now that everyone has covered the security issue as well as the chutzpah of the White House party crashers, it’s time to deal with the fashion angle. We already know that Michaele Salahi wore a red and gold lehenga (traditional Indian formal wear), but whose jewelry was she wearing?

According to Women’s Wear Daily, the large cocktail ring and eight bangles worn by Mrs. Salahi were designed by David Yurman. A spokeswoman for the jewelry company did confirm that the items were from Yurman. However, there was no confirmation whether the company appreciated the publicity.

Update: Michaele Salahi is putting the red dress that helped her get past national security up for auction. She ceremoniously handed it off to the Potomack Company, an all-female owned auction house, that will put the garment up for bidding on October 2. The  Salahis have also instructed the company to forward a percentage of the sale to the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund.


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