Get Ready for the Shag Look

18 Dec

Image: The Insider

Kristen Stewart Goes Joan Jett

Since Kristen Stewart has been topping most of the trendsetter lists for this year, it wasn’t surprising when all eyes turned to her performance as Joan Jett in the Runaways.

To live the life of the 70s rocker, Kristen chopped her long Bella locks into a retro shag cut: short on the top and long in the back for a deconstructed look to go along with her punk fashion look.

The original shag, with its extreme layering, may have worked on rock chicks and Hollywood leading ladies like Jane Fonda. Most often, however, it resembled an Edward Scissorhands creation.

If you want to get in on the iconic rock hairstyle this time around, try an updated version with piecey layers that take the weight out of your hair, but leave in the shape. To style your hair, use a a product that can separate the layers and make your shag easier to style. With an innovative formula that isn’t sticky or stiff, The Shag Catalyst™ from HerCut can help accentuate texture and sweep your bangs into place.

The Runaways had good buzz at the Sundance Film Festival, where another film in which Kristen Stewart was starring also premiered. In the independent film, Welcome to the Rileys, Kristen plays a teen who strips for cash in New Orleans.

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