Lip Gloss to Help You Find a New Year’s Date

28 Dec

Lip Gloss and Man Attractor All in One

Sometimes, it takes extreme measures to find the right date for a big event.  

When it comes to the birds and bees, one theory that has been kicking around since scientists have been studying bugs is the power of pheromones. The blend of chemicals called pheromones may just be responsible for evoking a reaction in another member of the same species.  

If you’re ready to go all out to find your New Year’s date, Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss could help you find your man. The lip gloss tube, designed to lay flat in your pocket, contains a pheromone strip.  

Just rub the tube in the vicinity of potential suitors to release undetectable pheromones into the air and let the magic happen.  The lip gloss comes in eight different shades with varying degrees of opacity and finish, but all have a crème brûlée flavor. The unique formula also contains Hyaluronic Spheres to help prevent dehydration and fill in lines.  

To help get you in the mood, each gloss comes with a holographic image of a “yummy man” inside the cap. Just like the souvenir pens with revealing ladies from the 60’s, you can tilt the tube of gloss from side to side to see a transformation. You know what happens next.   

Update: Urban Decay is holding a contest until October 15 where you can nominate your favorite guy to appear on a Pocket Rocket. Based on votes, two new men will be chosen for two new shades of gloss, which will launch for the holidays next year.

[Image: Hello Magazine]

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