Sarah Palin Rimless Eyeglasses: You Betcha!

8 Jan

Searching out the Sarah Frame

Originally making their debut on the U.S. presidential campaign trail, Sarah Palin’s rimless eyeglasses are still influencing eyewear trends. For the world’s largest online optical retailer, Vancouver company Coastal Contacts, the style popularized by the former Alaska governor has remained a top seller.

Previously not much of a fashion statement, rimless eyeglasses used to be considered out of date. But demand for the style ramped up when Governor Sarah Palin showed off eyeglasses created by Japanese industrial designer, Kazuo Kawasaki. The rectangular lenses designed by Kawasaki have a futuristic feel with metal arms in dark silver and black made of lightweight beta titanium.

Coastal Contacts, which charges hundreds of dollars less than the designer version, offers rimless eyeglasses that are similar in style but made of different materials.


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