Beauty and Fashion Trends that Men Hate

16 Jan

Trend Turn-offs for Men

When it comes to beauty and fashion, the gender divide still exists. You may be crazy about deep purple smoky eyes, but your boyfriend likely hates it.

A recent study of men (18 to 30) by an affiliate fashion website,, discovered the beauty and fashion trends that men love to hate.

Here are some of the study’s findings, courtesy of PRLog.

Fashion Trends Men Hate

• Half of the men disliked jeggings (one-third didn’t even know what they were), while only 2% liked the look.

• UGG boots were the most hated fashion item by men (57%).

• Rihanna was labeled by 3 in 5 men as the worst dressed celebrity of 2009.

What Men Think about Fashion Colors

• A large majority of the men (73%) hated the recent trend of wearing neon colors, followed closely by the color pink.

• Most men (3 out of 5) favored darker colored clothing as they consider it more sexy.


How Men Feel about Tattoos and Makeup

• Almost half of the men (44%) didn’t like tattoos, mostly due to the poor designs chosen by women.

• Although 58% of men said they disliked too much makeup, 20% still believed that some makeup was better than none at all.


Fashion Trends Men Like

• The fashion trend that men liked the most (37%) was the maxi-dress.

• Other fashion trends preferred by men were skinny jeans, A-line skirts, and one-shoulder dresses.

[Images via Gap, ASOS, Marissa Collections, Shopstyle]

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