The Bachelor: Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

19 Jan

Can’t We All Just Get Along

Jake, the Bachelor, is ready to step out of his comfort zone if it means he leaves the show with a fiance. In the process, he also has to deal with a frightful group of women who will do just about anything to win a rose.

Bridge to My Heart: Vienna is ecstatic when she discovers that she’s won the Bachelor lotto: a solo date. Her excitement fades into the thin, high-altitude air when the Bachelor Chopper lands on a bridge in the San Gabriel Mountains for a bungee jumping session.

Like Vienna, Jake is afraid of heights (except he’s a pilot!). Once they’re strapped in, Jake starts to get major cold feet but Vienna urges him on (according to Chris Harrison, it took about 20 minutes for them to decide to jump). Their leap of faith over a 300 foot bridge results in their first kiss, which Jake claims is unlike any he’s experienced before. With that kind of a reaction, Vienna easily scores a rose (even though several of the women are seriously convinced she’ll come up empty).

Did you hear the one about: Eight of the contestants (Corrie, Elizabeth, Tenley, Ali, Ashley, Jessie, Catherine, Michelle) head off to the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in Universal City. Jon Lovitz warms up the Bachelor crowd with a couple of one-liners, then lets the women know that they’ll be performing a stand up act in front of a live audience.

Beating the fear of heights is one thing, but a bad case of stage fright is making some of the Bachelor contestants, like Ashleigh, lose it. The contestants manage to pull off routines of varying taste (good and bad). Jessie gets off a good line about her family, Tenley does some weird contortionist moves, and Elizabeth makes some racy remarks that are bleeped. Corrie’s routine mocks the other contestants, most of all Vienna.

After the comedic showdown, the women continue to pile on Vienna as they try to convince Jake how fake she. Jake wonders where all this is coming from and what he’s missing (isn’t she just playing the game). Then, in one of the “most shocking Bachelor twists ever,” Michelle pushes Jake too far by threatening to leave if he doesn’t display more affection. Jake calls her bluff and sends her packing. Jake is worn out and leaves without giving anyone a rose.

Swimming with the Dolphins: The next morning, the Bachelor Chopper is parked in the mansion’s driveway. Sea World in San Diego is waiting for Jake and Ella. Jake explains to Ella that he has a surprise for her as her son, Ethan, pops out of nowhere. It’s not clear which is more scary for Jake: frolicking at the park with sea creatures or male bonding with his date’s son. The bonding wins out as Ella gets a rose.

FRC: After a pep talk from Chris Harrison, Jake gives roses to Gia, Tenley, Corrie, Ali, Kathryn, Ashleigh, and Jessie. Goodbye to two of the dark-haired ladies: Elizabeth (you should have kissed him already!) and Valisha. Next week, the Bachelor contestants hit the road in an RV.

Latest Bachelor News:

  • Entertainment Tonight is reporting that Jake sends home not two women but FOUR women.
  • Are there more scandals to come? Jake has revealed that another big scandal will “rock” The Bachelor later this season.
  • We’ve got to give props to Jake for micro-managing the two game players this week. He explains how he handled the drama and his number one dating rule (don’t play games) here.
  • Eliminated contestant Elizabeth Kitt reflects on her Bachelor experience especially her no kissing rule
  • Michelle talks to Ellen about the awkward kiss with Jake

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