Lasting Hydration with Yogurt

23 Jan of Moisture Without Feeling Greasy

You can’t go a day without seeing at least one yogurt commercial on TV. With all the media exposure, it’s hard to miss the fact that yogurt is a great source of nutrients like calcium and protein. What’s not as well known is that these same nutrients in a moisturizer add a new dimension to skin care.

Yogurt Cream from Korres is an ultra-soothing moisturizer for oily and dehydrated skin featuring full fat, Greek yogurt as the key ingredient. Originally a homeopathic pharmacy, Korres now offers natural skincare formulations like their yogurt cream with lactose, protein, and other vitamins to increase moisture levels in your skin.

To use the oil-free moisturizer, just tap a small amount on your face and neck after cleansing. Ideal for combination skin which may produce additional oil because of dehydration, a little of the cream goes a long way. Fans of the cream claim that it leaves their skin velvety soft and perfectly moisturized with no dry spots, flakes, or breakouts.

Although the product is made from edible yogurt, you’ll want to reserve every last drop for your skin to get essential antioxidant protection and heal your sensitive skin concerns.

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