Put Your Best Pouf Forward

25 Jan

Big-haired girls can finally give their flat irons a well-deserved rest. Poufy hair has been spotted everywhere from red carpets at this month’s Hollywood award shows to reality TV sets at Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

When it comes to hair trends, it’s all about what works for your hair type and personality. If you’re fond of the motto “go big or go home,” try the pouf worn by Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi of the Jersey Shore (she shares her secrets here). Wendy Williams also went for a bigger is better look on her show by wearing two wigs together to create a mega pouf.

For a more relaxed version, experiment with the half-up/half-down style worn by Kim Kardashian or the 60s retro pouf Drew Barrymore showed off at the SAG awards.

Easiest Pouf Ever

Here are three easy steps for a front hair pouf:

  1. Gather the center hair to make up the pouf and spray (tease the roots as necessary for more volume).
  2. Comb the strands backward then push forward to create the pouf.
  3. Clip the hair down using bobby pins or an 80s style hair grip. For added height, use a tail comb to gently lift the pouf once you’re done.

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