The Bachelor: On the Road Again

26 Jan

The Fourth Cut is the Deepest

Last episode, Bachelor Jake promised not to lead on any of the women when he released Michelle during their awkward kiss ‘n tell. Will Jake keep his promise?

Days of Wine and Roses: The nine remaining ladies head up the picturesque California coast for a week long adventure in two state-of-the-art RVs (look out there could be fireworks).

The first stop is a vineyard in Santa Ynez where Jake delivers a date card to city slicker, Gia. She jumps on Jake’s motorcycle with her kimono shirt dress, stilettos, her blingy bracelet with crystal stones, Louis Vuitton bag raring to go. They start off the date with a game of Hide ‘n Seek then progress to a Bachelor version of Spin the Bottle. Gia earns her camping creds and scores a rose.

Sand Gets in my Eyes: Next stop is Pismo Beach, where six of  the women (Jessie, Ashleigh, Tenley, Ali, Vienna, and Corrie) get down and dirty with Jake while riding dune buggies and sand surfing. Jake rescues Vienna and Jessie when their dune buggy gets trapped in the sand, then roughhouses with Corrie (if you like Corrie’s personal style like the catch necklace for the group date or the green Nicole Miller dress for the FRC, check out her personal shopping site here).

The group then heads over to the Madonna Inn where Jake makes the rounds with each of the contestants. Vienna jockeys for the last one-on-one with Jake so she can be the last girl to kiss him goodnight. He wonders whether Vienna is stirring up the shiz with the other women. Tenley shares the heartbreak of her divorce and ends up with a rose.

Big Purge at Big Sur: Next stop on the camping trail is northern California’s Big Sur. Kathryn and Ella duel it out on their dinner date with Jake in his cabin. After their tasty grub, Jake tells Ella he has stronger feelings for the other women. So, Kathryn wins the rose, right? Not so fast. Jack is on a roll and sends Kathryn home as well. In a symbolic gesture, Jake then tosses the rose into the fire pit. Ouch!

FRC: At a beautiful mansion in Saratoga called Villa Montalvo, Jake gives a rose to Ali and then Corrie. In one of the most dramatic rose ceremonies ever, Jake stops the ceremony to talk to Chris Harrison. He tells Chris he’s sure two of the three women aren’t going to be his wife. He then floors the remaining contestants by giving out a single rose to Vienna (leaving her to square off with Ali).

Goodbye to Ashleigh and Canadian Jessie, who we nominate as the one to watch out for Jake and return if necessary. What goes around sure comes around, Jake.

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One Response to “The Bachelor: On the Road Again”

  1. EM 26/01/2010 at 7:45 am #

    I’m so sorry Jessie had to leave, I thought he made a big mistake in letting her go.


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