Straight Hair for Months with a Brazilian Blowout

30 Jan

Image: College Canady

Smoothing Treatment that Improves the Health of Hair

Straight hair has taken a back seat lately to soft curls. If the catwalks are any indication, long straight hair inspired by the 1970s is one of the trends in the spring 2010 forecast.

For those who would rather make love not war with their hair, the Brazilian Blowout is a professional smoothing treatment that gives you wash and wear hair for up to three months without harsh chemicals. The treatment, which actually improves the condition of your hair, takes one to one and a half hours depending on how much hair you have. The result is smooth, frizz free hair that requires minimal styling (let your hair air dry for soft waves or blow it straight in 10 minutes or less).

Celebrities have already jumped on the trend. Nicole Richie raves about the Brazilian blowout on her blog: “The Brazilian is different because it’s non damaging. I found out about it from my friend . . . and I’m never going back!” Lindsay Lohan is also a fan of the treatment as is Halle Berry.

The Brazilian Blowout costs $200 to $250, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. Before getting the treatment, be sure to request a consultation with a reputable stylist who specializes in this type of service. Watch a Brazilian Blowout on the E! network here, or read a testimonial here.

If you live in the Vancouver area, check out the Facebook page of The Shop Hair and Esthetics salon where this service is provided.

Important Update:

Health Canada has issued a warning stating that the Brazilian Blowout solution contains unacceptable levels of formaldehyde at 12 percent. The federal authority stipulates that formaldehyde is permitted, as a preservative only, in no greater concentrations than 0.2 percent for non-oral cosmetics.

Health Canada has advised stylists to stop using the Brazilian Blowout product immediately.


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  1. zia stolbie 05/05/2010 at 3:51 pm #

    Hello there! I am a certified brazilian blowout stylist, if anyone in the downtown vancouver area is looking to receive this amazing treatment contact me at, I work out of uncut salon in denman place mall in the westend!


  2. azelle 09/02/2010 at 1:00 pm #

    I am a certified Brazilian Blowout stylist at Salon Sessions in Pasadena, CA. This is an amazing treatment to get done. It truly does what it promises cuts blowdry time, removes frizz and adds a tremendous amount of shine! It is true to NOT get this mistaken with any other keratin like treatments


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