Fashion Inspired by the Olympics

31 Jan

Gold Medal Fashion Collections

Whether you make it to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics or celebrate the event in your hometown, you can still get into the spirit with these fashion collections that pay tribute to international competition.

Here are the best of the sports inspired collections including clothing and accessories from Roots, Tabi, Lululemon, and Ralph Lauren.



Although Roots didn’t make the cut this time as the official outfitter of the Canadian Olympic team, that hasn’t stopped the clothing company from participating in the event.

The collections feature hoodies, t-shirts, and bags for men, women, and kids with the flags and symbols of 15 major competitors of the Vancouver 2010 Games. The countries include USA, Finland, Switzerland, China, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Jamaica, and Great Britain.

The Roots store on Robson in downtown Vancouver has been packed during the Winter Games. Find out what the top 8 Roots Canada souvenirs are.


Canadian women’s retailer, Tabi is offering a limited edition collection of apparel and accessories highlighting this year’s Winter Games. Olympic-inspired sweaters feature winter sports including hockey, curling, and skating. An “Everything Canadian” wool vest shows classic Canadian icons like the polar bear and the Mounties.

Tabi also partnered with American jewelry designer, Angela Moore, on a limited edition line of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Lululemon Athletica

The Cheer Gear! collection by Lululemon drew fire from the Vancouver Organizing Committee (VANOC) when it was launched in December 2009. Although the company was scolded for “posing significant risk of inflicting harm on the Games,” no legal action was taken.

You can find the cheeky collection in Lululemon stores and online including tops, hoodies, and outerwear. Fans of former hockey player, Bobby Clarke, will love theย  Hockey Helmet toque with the added bonus of a marker to black out your teeth.

Ralph Lauren

The U.S. Olympic team is counting its lucky stars and stripes to be wearing Olympic uniforms designed by Polo Ralph Lauren. If you didn’t make the Olympic team, you don’t have to feel left out.

You can create your own Olympic-inspired Polo online by selecting the color of the polo shirt then adding the flag and name of your favorite country. The signature polo shirt is short-sleeved with a ribbed polo collar and a big pony Ralph Lauren logo.

If you’re looking for an item from the official Opening Ceremonies gear, try the one of a kind hat available from the Team USA Shop.

Top Ten Collectibles

For diehard collectors, check out this list of Top Ten collectibles for Vancouver 2010, courtesy of InventorSpot.


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