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Vancouver 2010 Saves the Best for Last

28 Feb

Last Call for the Winter Games

Despite starting off with the tragic death of Georgian luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili, and being trashed in the foreign press for all the misfires, Vancouver breathed a collective sigh of relief this weekend as the Winter Games came together.

Athletic accomplishments and personal bests were set with Team Canada winning 14 gold medals for the Winter Olympics.

Sidney Crosby to the Rescue: After leading the charge for most of the gold medal hockey game, Team Canada gave up a goal (with less than a minute to go) to send the game into overtime. Team USA had the momentum and Ryan Miller, but Nova Scotia’s Sidney Crosby saved the country from a collective nervous breakdown (does Sidney have a girlfriend?) The New York tabloids are calling him “Sid Vicious” but he’s just Sid the Kid to us.

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Johnny Weir’s Favorite Makeup Products

27 Feb
U.S. figure skater Johnny Weir.

Image via Wikipedia

Makeup Routine of an Olympic Skating Champion

In today’s world, men wear makeup. Especially men involved with figure skating.

If you had to get tips from any of the figure skaters on Team USA, Johnny Weir would probably be your go-to makeup guy.

StyeList asked the flamboyant skater which makeup product he wouldn’t be caught dead without when skating.

Instead of naming one product, Weir offered these five top sellers for those of us who live and work on and off the ice.

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Curling is a Hit on Wall Street

27 Feb

Latest Pastime of Bull & Bear Followers

What do Wall Street bankers do after a stressful day of watching the Dow Jones Industrial Average dip and jive? They turn on the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games to check out the latest curling match.

According to the New York Times, curling is like “chess on ice,” which even appeals to the CNBC crew who replace market chatter with curling when the closing bell rings.

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Rise and Faltering of Canadian Female Athletes at Vancouver 2010

27 Feb

Highs and Lows of Athletic Performance at the Winter Games

If you’ve been following the Canadian female athletes at the 2010 Winter Games, you may feel like you’ve been riding a rolling coaster.

So far, the best moments for the women have included Joannie Rochette elegantly skating to a bronze medal days after her mother died of a heart attack. Recalling her mother’s advice, Rochette chose to skate because her mother wanted her to be a strong person. Most of us couldn’t summon that level of courage in an entire lifetime. Rochette was awarded the Vancouver 2010 Terry Fox Award along with Petra Majdic of Slovenia for embodying the best in the human spirit.

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Get in the Game with Winter Sunscreen

26 Feb

The Sun Shines All Year!

Whether you’re on the slopes or shopping at outdoor boutiques, winter is not the time to let down your guard. If you’re outside for long periods of time, you risk double exposure: UV rays from the sun and the reflection of light off of snow.

Sunscreen may not be sexy but it can keep your skin hydrated and young while you get your winter game on.

The good news about winter protection is that’s there’s a slew of products, that target different areas of your face and body.

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Vancouver Connection to Fountain of Youth

25 Feb

Vancouver Now Famous for Winter Games, Scenery and Botox

Vancouver isn’t just home to picture postcard scenery and world class skiing, according to NBC’s Today Show in town to cover the Winter Games.

The city is also the birthplace of cosmetic Botox pioneered by Vancouver couple, Jean and Alastair Carruthers. Botox, or Botulinum toxin, is famous for smoothing out expression lines (and the ability of some Hollywood actress to act when its overused).

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High Performance Lip Gloss from Lancome

24 Feb

Replenishing and Reshaping Lip Cream

Although aging in the lip area is more subtle than the rest of your face, genetic and environmental factors (like exposure to sunlight) may lead to lip lines and wrinkles. Your lips also become thinner and lose volume over time.

While some of the causes of aging lips are inevitable, the right lip formula can rejuvenate your lips. L’Absolu Crème De Brillance from Lancome contains Pro-Xylane™, typically found in skin care products, to visibly replenish and reshape your lips.

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Jon Hamm is Mad for Vancouver 2010

23 Feb


Shopping in Downtown Vancouver Jon Hamm Style

Since Mad Men has been on hiatus, Jon Hamm has been busy shooting films like Sucker Punch in Vancouver and hosting Saturday Night Live (Hamm got rave reviews for his second appearance on SNL, especially his sketch as Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown).

Although we may be able to forgive him for predicting US hockey gold over Team Canada, we still can’t wait to see the beardless Don Draper when Mad Men comes back to air later this year. A premiere date for the fourth season of Mad Men has yet to be announced. [tweetmeme source= “blushstopshere” only_single=false]

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Ice Dance Duo Scores a First in Olympic History

23 Feb

Couple Skate Near Perfect Performance

What’s the best medicine to help deaden the pain of Team Canada’s recent hockey loss? A gold medal performance by Canadian ice dance duo, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. The couple have been skating together for 14 years and have now set the bar even higher for future ice dancers.

The home crowd at the Pacific Coliseum, which included Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, were lucky enough to witness the first North American team to win the Olympic ice dancing gold medal. At ages 20 and 22, Virtue and Moir are also the youngest Olympic ice dancing champions in history.

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Glee Cast Members Drop by Vancouver 2010

22 Feb


Mark Salling and Kevin McHale in Vancouver

Vancouver 2010 has been celebrity headquarters since the Winter Games started over a week ago. Even members of the Glee cast have been checking out the local festivities.

Mark Salling and Kevin McHale were in town for the weekend, and managed to score some goodies from the HBC  Canadian Olympic Team clothing collection. Wonder if they picked up any red mittens?

They’re on their way back to LA looking “Canadian”, but you can find out which hot spots they made it to in Vancouver on their Twitter pages.

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5 Ways to Cheer Yourself Up When Your Team Loses

22 Feb

There’s Got to Be a Morning After

Our Canadian pride (and team) may have taken a beating after Team USA’s stunning win in the preliminary round of Olympic hockey. However, there is life after the game.

Here are some mood lifters to help you move past the pain.

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Is Eating Before Bedtime Bad for Weight Loss?

22 Feb

Image: Glamour

Kelly Osbourne’s Bedtime Weight Loss Secret

For years, we’ve been hearing that eating before bedtime may lead to weight gain.

The most vocal supporter of this advice has been Oprah’s diet guru, Bob Greene, who recommends that you stop eating at least two to three hours before bedtime.

The theory behind a late night calorie cutoff is that you won’t get the same metabolism-boosting benefit because your body begins preparing for sleep a couple of hours after dinner.

If you eat close to bedtime, your body doesn’t dip into stored fat. You may even end up storing more fat.

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How to Get Hair like Shaun White

21 Feb

Shaun White Skateboarding

Shaun White may have won a gold medal at Vancouver 2010 for snowboarding, but just as many people are curious about his flowing red hair as the double McTwist 1260 he landed at Cypress Mountain.

People magazine posed the question to White, who shared his hair care routine which involves “an awesome new product – called water. ” White said he just uses hotel shampoo and conditioner every other day, otherwise it gets huge. Two days of snowboarding with a helmet on also helps as his hair “looks better dirtier.”

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Oprah Has a Red Mittens Moment

19 Feb

Red Hot for Vancouver 2010

Even Oprah Winfrey has been lusting after the Vancouver 2010 red mittens. Wearing a pair of red mittens with a patriotic US Olympic Ralph Lauren polo shirt, Oprah scooped Matt Lauer who had picked up mittens for the talk show host in Vancouver.

Oprah also scored 300 mittens from HBC for her audience. Who would have thought a Chicago crowd would squeal over red mittens with a white maple leaf?

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It’s All About Your Hands

18 Feb

During the winter, you can’t walk down the street without someone pulling out a lip balm to swipe over their dry, cracked lips. But what about your hands?

Cold temperatures outside and dry heat inside play rough with your hands causing dry patches of skin. If you’re looking for results, don’t reach for any old body cream. The skin on your hands is thin and needs a lotion that soothes, hydrates, and restores moisture.

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