Stiff Competition for Cuteness at this Year’s Puppy Bowl

6 Feb

Let the Games Begin!

If you’re not a football fan, tune in with millions of other non-sporty types to the sixth consecutive year of the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl.

This year’s lineup features 20 puppy players who will take to a miniature indoor football field to compete in a showdown of cuteness. You can watch the live action as puppies rough and tumble with each other (and some toys) while demonstrating athletic excellence. To maintain sportsdoglike conduct, a referee will oversee puppy fouls and penalties like “unnecessary ruffness.”

Halftime entertainment will be provided by kittens playing with balls of yarn and other kitty toys as bunnies cheer them on. You won’t miss any of the action with instant replays and a blimp for aerial coverage. The kitty entertainers, as well as the puppy players, come from local Petfinder shelters.

Update: Get ready for Puppy Bowl 2011. Check out the details here.


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