Aritzia Suits up Volunteers for Olympic Medal Ceremonies

14 Feb

West Coast Inspired Fashion

Following up on its success with the official Vancouver 2010 Park Life collection, Aritzia is providing the outfits for medal bearers and athlete escorts for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

The Aritzia design team has created three outfits with an updated West Coast heritage look:

  • The Heritage Sweater is hand knit and based on a color palette inspired by nature. It comes with a belt embossed with First Nations artwork. The sweater will be worn by medal and flower bearers inside BC Place Stadium.
  • The Cocoon Parka has a sculptured silhouette design. It comes with a scarf inspired by leaves and foliage. The parka will be worn by medal and flower bearers outdoors at the Whistler Medals Plaza ceremonies.
  • The Vintage Ski Coat is hand flocked with medals designed by a Canadian First Nations artist. The coat will be worn by athlete escorts at both venues.

The lucky volunteers who participate in the ceremonies will be allowed to keep the outfits after the Games are over. But you can pick up a version of the heritage sweater created by the same design team at select Aritzia locations.


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