It’s All About Your Hands

18 Feb

During the winter, you can’t walk down the street without someone pulling out a lip balm to swipe over their dry, cracked lips. But what about your hands?

Cold temperatures outside and dry heat inside play rough with your hands causing dry patches of skin. If you’re looking for results, don’t reach for any old body cream. The skin on your hands is thin and needs a lotion that soothes, hydrates, and restores moisture.

Avocado Daily Moisture Lotion from Upper Canada Soap features Avocado Oil with hydrating and regenerative properties that repair dry skin. The lightweight formula also contains Olive Oil, Almond Oil, and botanical extracts that restore skin for smoother looking hands without the oily residue found in traditional hand lotions.

All you need to do is massage the lotion into overworked skin on your hands. If you want to re-apply the lotion, don’t worry about an overpowering scent. The lotion has a fresh, avocado fragrance that’s perfect for all day wear.

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